Light Sedation

Light sedation is the use of medications to help reduce anxiety, pain and discomfort during dental procedures. You will still be awake and you will be able to talk to the dentist to remain in control of what happens during the dental appointment.

By taking the time to build trust and understanding, we often find that our patients do not need sedation for their routine dental care. Many prefer not to have it due to the added costs and side effects. However, if you are highly anxious we can use light sedation together with supportive strategies to help you relax during dental treatment. This can be an effective way to reduce reliance on general anaesthesias to have dental care.

We are able to provide the following options:

  • Oral anxiolysis (also referred to as oral sedation) – click here for further information
  • Nitrous oxide sedation (also known as happy gas or laughing gas) – click here for further information

The risk of developing medical complications using these techniques is low.

We do not offer intravenous (IV) sedation, also known as sleep dentistry or twilight sedation.

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